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Although the relationship because scholar and professor started off defectively, Korra it’s believes one to Tenzin was an amazing airbender and you will a good higher teacher. Their teachings has actually assisted Korra by way of their fight and also have taught the lady worthwhile coaching, such as for example tips dodge episodes in the pro-flexing ring. [30] Tenzin reassured this lady one to she you will simply tell him things, to which Korra acknowledge her fears off Amon, whining within his possession while he comfortable the lady after this lady terrifying come across for the Equalists’ chief. [17] Shortly after understanding you to she had forgotten her twisting, Tenzin try short to help you spirits and you will support their due to soothing comments eg: „Your protected Republic Urban area”, to which Korra placed the woman give to the their. [6]

Six months later, their matchmaking took a switch into the even worse, with Korra increasing uninterested in airbending routine, thinking to own mastered they, despite Tenzin’s thoughts you to definitely she nonetheless needed seriously to learn actual airbending rather than Korra-concept airbending. Abreast of reading one to Tenzin try partially responsible for her seclusion increasing upwards, it hit a busting part, Korra deciding to take Unalaq’s offer become their teacher, feeling she and you will Tenzin choose to go as far as they could together with her. [1]

Days afterwards, Korra fulfilled Tenzin along with his loved ones within East Air Temple, and although the departure was not throughout the most useful factors, she is warmly gotten by the family relations. Immediately after she advised him or her from the previous developments of the Liquid Group Civil Conflict, of which they know absolutely nothing about, Tenzin easily accepted Korra’s need help go into the Heart Globe. Shortly after a dark soul assault, Tenzin regretted being unable to services their spiritually, detailing Unalaq’s lessons got indeed gotten the woman somewhere since she was capable cleanse the newest black spirits. However, Korra easily hoping him you to Unalaq trained the girl to assist themselves, while he had educated the woman to aid their. She apologized to Tenzin on her earlier therapy of your, recognizing you to definitely she should have never became her right back to the him given that the woman mentor and you will admitting one to she required him more actually. Having resigned the differences, the two mutual a hug. [16]

Tenzin are astonished upon studying one Unalaq had severed Korra’s connection which have Raava as well as their early in the day life, yet , he nevertheless attempted to console brand new depressed Korra, offering their the information away from linking into the cosmic energies regarding the latest market in order to beat Vaatu. Whenever Korra’s soul gone back to her human anatomy additionally the Avatar Stage are revived, Tenzin praised her, stating that „[she was] amazing”. [4]

Months afterwards, Tenzin excitedly inserted Korra on her goal so you can rebuild the air Nomads. Just after understanding that Hou-Ting, the world Queen, is actually abducting airbenders and you can conscripting her or him on a key military, Tenzin aided Korra bust them away. The 2, along with the rest off Cluster Avatar, were effective from inside the doing this and you may escaped Ba Sing Se with the fresh new airbenders. Tenzin in hopes the lady you to definitely she got well done till the one or vietnamcupid bio Г¶rnekleri two embraced and you can parted indicates, which have Korra continued the woman search from airbenders and you will Tenzin oriented so you’re able to the latest North Heavens Temple to start studies. Later, Tenzin and Korra communicated with each other via the radio. Korra provided Tenzin advice on tips motivate the newest unmotivated airbenders, hence satisfied the proprietor and prompted him to enhance this lady due to the fact a wise Avatar. [44]

Tenzin’s children

Ikki, Meelo, and you may Jinora was essentially friendly on the Korra. They checked undoubtedly happier when she chose to stay with her or him. [5] Later, it sincerely tried to promote good information to Korra when she is wanting to weave this lady method from airbender doorways. [30] Ikki and you may Jinora was in fact a variety of of earliest anyone Korra spoke so you can about their smash to your Mako, plus they one another made an effort to promote their finest advice for her disease. [18]